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(pronounced Lee-sha)

My journey began with a single goal: to bring joy to every bite. With each cookie I create, I strive for perfection, combining artistic flair with culinary expertise. My cookies are more than just treats; they are little pieces of art, designed to enchant your senses and bring joy to every occasion.

I’m a mom, wife, and cookier... but not always in that order.

My passion before cookies was building things and renovations... I actually asked for and received a cordless skill saw for a Valentine’s gift one year!


In 2020, I started making sugar cookies as a hobby. Little did I know, this simple pastime would become my greatest obsession! I’ve spent countless hours perfecting this craft, embracing the challenge and delighting in the fun themes my clients come up with.


All about me


Love and Care 

Enchanted Artisan Cookies is proud to be a member of the Kamloops & District Chamber of Commerce.


I believe in supporting our local community and being an active part of the vibrant Kamloops business scene.


Licensed and Inspected


I rent a commercial kitchen at Gardengate, ensuring the baking environment meets the highest standards.


Enchanted Artisan Cookies is licensed and inspected by Interior Health, so you can trust that every cookie is made with care and adherence to health regulations.


I have ordered cookies several times and have ALWAYS had an amazing experience. Enchanted is a good word for the beautifully created pieces of edible art that you receive. I have been 100% beyond thrilled with every order. They just keep getting better and making me look good



- D

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